In honor of our recent power blackout, Iron Horse is declaring this National Blackout Month.  While Iron Horse lost power for 16 hours, some people in the metro DC area still had no power after a week with temperatures reaching record highs.

A lesson learned:  We recommend keeping a flashlight handy so you can find black dogs in the dark.  (grin)

But seriously, folks....  There is nothing like a blackout to remind us how much we all depend on electricity to run our beloved computers, air conditioners, stoves, refrigerators and TV's.  Blackouts are a fairly common problem, especially in areas like ours with large trees and above ground power.  Brownouts (where the voltage is low but not totally absent) are also common in areas like ours with huge power draws and not enough power generating capacity, especially during hot days.  And, for areas where lightning can also be an issue, it is prudent to worry about a strike damaging your delicate electronics.  But, it turns out that you are more likely to be hit with a power problem from inside the building than from the outside.  Did the cleaning lady unplug your computer last night?  Did your space heater trip a breaker?  Did your uninterruptible power supply (UPS) detonate when an electrician crossed your wires (mine did, but it saved my computer and its valuable data)? .... So, while you're thinking about it, make sure that your valuable electronics are properly surge protected or use UPSs to protect against surges, brownouts and blackouts.  You don't want be the guy whose new computer or flat screen TV got fried, do you?

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