If you are squeamish, do NOT look at the gruesome picture below.  This burglar was literally torn limb from limb.


The vicious mutt has been put in a high security detention cell.

We hope to get Fluppy back to security work with the rest of Iron Horse soon.  We expect leniency due to the extreme youth of our mutt (9 months), the fact he was abandoned and adopted, the obvious bad intentions of the burglar, and the fact that he is cute and fun loving.  We just hope they don't open up his past record which shows a wanton disregard for chew toys, table and chair legs, cell phones, glasses....

If you don't have a Fluppy the Puppy to protect your computer network and help you sleep at night, then give us a call.  We can help you with all your computing needs.*

*None of the products Iron Horse sells will track mud in your house or get dog hair on your bed, unlike Fluppy the Puppy.

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