Fluppy the Puppy's New Year's Resolution Progress

He handshake promised to:

1.  Finish off eating the Man toy.  (Didn't you see the Thanksgiving 2011 picture?  He was almost done for then.)
2.  Eat the Cat toy.  (Just too gruesome to show.)
3.  Look Cute.  (Always have an easy one on your list.)
4.  Become the go to model at Iron Horse.  (Given the human choices, this one was easier than number 3.)
5.  Provide security to Iron Horse.  (After seeing the results of 1 and 2, the fear alone should do it.)
6.  Catch a car.  FAIL
7.  Bark at knocks on the door.  (Who's there?)
8.  Bark at the postman.  (The evil postman....Uh, my friend who gives me a cookie.  So I can be bought.  I can live with it.)
9.  Bark at the FedEx gal.  (Yeah, she is cute, but does she have a cookie?)
10.  Bark at the UPS guy.  (You bring stuff for the humans.  Why don't you bring me boxes of cookies?)
11.  Quit chewing up office supplies.  FAIL
12.  Pass training classes.  (Still procrastinating.  My humans have taught me how to do that well.  No, they aren't computer training classes.  Those come later.)

So far, so good!

Now, if you want to do well with your own Resolutions for your business, Fluppy the Puppy suggests you call the guys and gals at Iron Horse.  They rarely bark at anyone and have been known to make both dogs and computer networks sit up and beg.

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