Call us at Iron Horse to get great spring cleaning suggestions for your computer network.

Our cleaning turned up some great first come, first serve bargains. See the "Specials" link at for more details.


And, if that isn't enough, here are 10 FREE ideas for your spring cleaning efforts:

10) Vacuum the dust from around your equipment.  Vacuum out the power supply fan.  If you have a somewhat dusty environment, open the case and vacuum out your PCs.  If you must smoke, don't do it at your PC which will act like an air cleaner depositing ash in your PC.

9) Heat is the enemy of computers.  Replace or clean out your air filters and have a technician check that your building's cooling is working

8) If you hear a noisy fan or see one that has stopped working because of dirt, replace it to improve the reliability and longevity of your equipment.

7) Check your UPS batteries before summer checks them for you.  Call Iron Horse to replace the spent ones economically and safely.

6) Clear unnecessary programs and files off your PC.  It will run better, faster, and longer.  Iron Horse can help you restore the usefulness of an "aging" computer that really could be working much better.

5) Defragment your hard disk to make your computer more reliable and responsive.   Call to see how this can be done automatically so your equipment always performs at its best.

4) Run a virus scan if you aren't doing so regularly.  We can show you how.

3) Patch and update all your programs, or have us do it for you.

2) Evaluate what you have and consider your options.  Your favorite 90s era shirt (or printer) might need to be replaced.

1) Look at ways to be good to the environment.  Save energy and money at the same time.  Read the next Horse Sense newsletter (coming soon)!  You can see older newsletters by clicking this link:



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