Horse Sense #68

In this issue:
  • Did You Miss Out on Our Free Lunch and Learn?
  • Toys for Techs
  • A Limited Time Special Offer
  • Investment Advisors are Avoiding Microsoft Vista
  • Are Paper Forms a Nuisance?
  • A Neat Clock
Did You Miss Out on Our Free Lunch and Learn?
We invited many of our local clients to a free lunch and learn session, but it snowed and the attendance was poor.  Fret not!  You can now get an update from the convenience of your own browser!
Symantec and Iron Horse want to introduce you to an entirely new way of looking at protecting your business network from multiple threats with Symantec Endpoint Protection, the successor to Symantec Antivirus.  As security threats evolve, so too must the methods to combat them across all our endpoints. While anti-virus protection was once enough to secure your environment, today's complex threats require multiple protection methods.
Please join us Thursday, December 20th at 11 am Eastern and learn how Endpoint Protection can help you protect your valuable data from harm. And, get a FREE coffee out of it!  See more details and the attendance link by going to <> and clicking on the large Symantec graphic on the right hand side of the page.  If you would, please e mail us if you plan to attend and we'll send you a reminder right before the seminar kicks off!
And, if you can't make THIS seminar, contact us and we'll be sure we find some way to get you the information you need.

Toys for Techs
It is time once again to think of Toys for Techs, something for your business that someone would just love to have and might be useful as well.  For more on how to pick a good tech toy, see <> and for some ideas on tech toys from 2004 (amazing since many of them haven't changed) see <>.

A Limited Time Special Offer
You want to be able to show off what your new toy can do, right?  Well, you can if you buy a new printer from Iron Horse.  To make room in the office, Iron Horse needs to clear out some printers and multifunction units from Xerox, Lexmark, and Okidata.  You can have them at prices significantly below our normally good values.  These deals are first come, first serve, and some of the ones we had to offer are gone. Sorry.  We also have a Cisco switch and some Intel processors you might like as well on special.  Go to <> and click on the graphic on the left hand side that says "Specials" for more information.  If you don't see something you want, call us.  We'll help you get what you need.

Investment Advisors Are Avoiding Microsoft Vista
Due to compatibility issues, investment advisors are avoiding Microsoft Windows Vista.
With the anticipated release of Service Pack 1 in 2008 and some rewrites of programs, more people will be able to switch to the new operating system in 2008.  But, if they want to use older or current software, investment advisors, and many other businesspeople, are getting more bang for their buck by sticking with XP for now.

Are Paper Forms a Nuisance?
You fill them out all the time, but it is even worse when you are on the receiving end of all those forms.  You want to make sure the data is valid and entered without transcription errors.  Why not make those forms digital and intelligent?  You could:
- Validate data as it was entered.
- Eliminate the error prone transcription step.
- Deal with more complex logic than most paper forms could handle,
like checking for drug interactions or a conflicting work order.
- Take in information more quickly and deal with it more effectively, like with an insurance claim or request for  emergency assistance.
- Eliminate the time it takes to find a particular form by putting that information on line.
- Design forms in a fraction of the time it takes you to do so now and "distribute" them worldwide to desktops, laptops, tablets, and smart phones.
- Do things with a form you can't possibly do with paper like add pictures or automatically add GPS information, which works well in disaster recovery situations, documenting insurance claims, or other applications.
- Take this information and feed it back into mapping applications to see the results in that geography.
- Track trucks, people, or packages along routes or route and schedule using data you collect.
- Sign off on work or delivery and have the completed document available almost immediately.
- And more!

If this sounds interesting, surf to <> and then contact Iron Horse.  Paper is still useful.  Archiving scads of forms isn't.

A Neat Clock
To see a little bit more than the time, visit this site:

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