At Iron Horse, our goal is to give you the solutions you need, as well as the outstanding customer service you deserve. We had a third party conduct a survey to determine how well our customers rated our business overall. We are very pleased with the results. See for yourself.

Here is what some of our clients have had to say about us:

You may add any compliment I throw at you to your customer testimonials.  I absolutely love working with you guys.  Friendly, efficient, everything I like in a vendor. You guys are great.

- George Mason University


Thorough. Willing to explain in detail problems to my complete understanding. Very patient too!

- K-Spa


Iron Horse listens to us and accomplishes our needs!

- American Gas Association

Thanks ever so much. It is great to know we have someone we can depend on.

- Minerals Management Service


Wahoo .  .  . you fixed it!!!!! Thanks!!! You are a champ .  .  . thanks for the help!

- Parks Construction


Thanks very much for the nice card and great service. I appreciate your help. You helped us out of a bind and we won't forget that! Many thanks again.

- Mack/Crounse Group

The last time I ordered these the vendor blew his delivery deadline by close to a month. That time it really mattered as I was completely out and getting error messages from the printer to remind me. Thanks guys. It's nice to get exactly what was ordered and in a timely fashion.

- U.S. Department of Energy


I wanted to take a minute and touch base with you concerning the recommendations you gave us on our configuration of the Barracuda Spam filter. Currently, we have implemented about 90% of the changes you recommended and the Barracuda is working great. We are continuing with the remaining changes and will implement them as well over time. I wanted to thank you for visiting us and for your help as well.

- Institute for Defense Analyses


Thanks for all your help and the excellent customer service.

- Southside Virginia Community College


Iron Horse rates a 5 out of 5.

- Planning Systems, Inc.

Thanks for that rip-quick response!

- U.S. Department of Commerce


Thank you in providing me and our company the best service ever. We are very fortunate to have such wonderful vendors like yourselves. Again . . . thank you for a great year!

- American Mortgage & Investment Services


It's always a pleasure doing business with you.

- Air National Guard of the U.S. Virgin Islands

Thanks again for your help in getting the research and purchase done for us; looking forward to continuing the business relationship with Iron Horse.

- U.S. Naval Observatory



Congratulations Tony! It has been and will be a pleasure to be associated with Iron Horse and staff . . . Thanks for the card and it is always a pleasure to talk with you.

- Tybrin Corporation



You guys out did yourselves this time…….outstanding!!!! Thanks for your dedication and keep those doggy pictures coming!




I usually delete any email if I do not recognize the sender's name. I've received many of yours before but happened to have opened this one, the first of yours that I've opened, (it) made my day.

- State of Arkansas



Thank you very very much for your prompt response.




The best. Fast, efficient and dependable. If they got any lower on their prices they'd be giving it to us . . . Their customer service is great. There couldn't be anybody better to work with. They call to give us status reports on our orders. They are our only vendor that does that . . . I can't tell you how much I've appreciated you all and what you've done for us over the years.

- Rockingham County, Virginia 



Love your "HORSE SENSE" - greetings

- Defense Technical Information Center



I thank you very much for your time, patience, and knowledge in helping us convert our office to an upgraded efficient network.

- Hutton Chiropractic of West Springfield



I, happily, will be retiring at the end of May and I want to ensure that (my coworkers) have easy access to your company . . . Thanks for being such helpful folks and having a terrific company. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you.

- U.S. Department of Interior



I am so delighted with my printer! . . . Whoo Hooo!! Thank you so very much for all your help . . . Thanks again for such prompt service.

- FB Graphics



I want to thank you for help over the last ten years!

- AT&T Government Solutions



Excellent newsletter, indeed many good suggestions . . . common sense ain't so common anymore, Horse Sense makes more sense! Thanks. I didn't know I was subscribed, but please continue the subscription.

- Federal Communications Commission



Whereas I enjoy getting your updates & the pictures of the dogs . . . I find this document (the Horse Sense newsletter) to be very helpful. Especially for us "non-techie" types who have "techies" in our family. Thanks for passing it along.

- HR Concepts, LLC



I do so enjoy your celebratory pictures; thank you for the times they have brightened my day.

- U.S. Department of Homeland Security



Once again, thanks for all your help. You and your group are such a pleasure to work with - that's why I like buying equipment from Iron Horse!!!! You really go out of your way to help when we have problems, and that makes a big difference to me! 

– U.S. Department of the Interior



Thank you for your efforts! . . . see another reason I think of you -- you have great attitude!

– Defense Information Systems Agency



I wanted to thank you for your cards and everything. You made my day . . . You showed everyone how valuable computer security is . . . Look forward to business in the new year.

– U.S. Department of Energy



FYI. Iron Horse is a very good small, disadvantaged business that we have worked with them extensively in the past. I highly recommend them.

– AT&T Government Solutions



Thank you so very much for your help. As I told you yesterday, you made my afternoon. This truly is a delightful improvement over the typical treatment we have sadly learned to accept when dealing with private companies. I didn't really think you could help me .  . . But, my dealings with the folks at your company have really been a pleasant experience during the past year. So, I decided to give it a try and start with you. And, needless to say, I am really pleased with the results. Talk about excellent customer service - the folks at Iron Horse are a wonderful example of that! Thanks again for everything!!! Rest assured - I will gladly recommend your company to my coworkers.

– U.S. Department of the Interior



It was such a pleasure working with you when I was a buyer -- I could always rely on Iron Horse to give the BEST service at a fair and reasonable price. You stand out from the pack and I know you will continue to do so. 

– U.S. Department of the Interior 



Tony saved the day! Support from Iron Horse has been beyond excellent. 

- Hurd I/T Communications 



I was extremely pleased with your service. You got my printers to me quickly. Your service is best in class! 

– U.S. General Services Administration



Thank you all so much for all the help and customer service you provide to your customers all year long. I for one am very glad that I found you all!!! 

- U.S Department of Interior



Thank you, Iron Horse. Great service as usual!  

- U.S. Department of Energy



You have the best customer service, and I enjoy talking to you! 

– U.S. Department of the Interior 



I really enjoyed the Horse Sense "newsletter." Keep them coming....very good information. 

– U.S. Department of Homeland Security 



I opened your other message containing the Horse Sense newsletter and thought "I'll skip this." But, I kept reading and found it interesting and helpful.

- U.S. Department of the Interior



Location and delivery time. Personal experience, talk to a body, email response usually same day, very cordial atmosphere. Prompt, good customer service and timely quotes. They provide personal, professional, courteous service. Customer service is tops – great.   

– U.S. Department of Homeland Security  



Service and quick response, good pricing, answers to questions about equipment. Every time we call or send email, we always get an excellent response. Customer service is excellent.   

– FBI Academy  



Always available. Eliminates the need for an in house IT manager and saves a lot of money. They are a one stop shop. They do everything from diagnosis to setting up infrastructure for all your IT needs. Customer service is a 10.   

– Modern Africa Fund Managers  



Reasonable prices. Very generous with help and advice. Friendly personnel. We use Iron Horse a lot. They are a good company to do business with, very honest. Customer service is a 10.   

– Cystic Fibrosis Foundation  



Very competent and technically knowledgeable, specifically in networking and things network related. Customer service is a 9.5 to 10.   

– Gun Owners of America


If you have any Comments or Suggestions for us, please let us know. We are always looking for ways to improve our service at services@ih-online.com

** Disclaimer: These comments are solely those of the individuals who provided them, NOT the U.S. federal agencies , state government agencies, local government agencies, educational institutions or private companies or organizations that employ them. These quotes should not be seen by anyone as an endorsement by the U.S. federal government or any other employer, public or private, to use Iron Horse Computers, Inc. as a supplier. They merely illustrate the satisfaction these particular clients experienced working with Iron Horse.

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