There are a lot of computer service providers and product dealers out there. So, what makes Iron Horse different?

Here you will deal with someone who knows you and wants to help. If something goes wrong, that same person will do everything possible to make sure that you end up satisfied. Why would you go elsewhere and be treated like a nobody?

Or you could take our the recommendation of our clients:

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Other reasons why you should consider partnering with Iron Horse:

Put an end to your frustration. We realize that dealing with computer problems is not how you want to spend your time. For most offices, computers are merely a tool to get the job done. When they aren't working properly, it makes your job more stressful. Iron Horse can help you get back to work and concentrating on the things you want to do!

We will treat you with respect. We don't have an online catalog. We found that you get quicker and much more accurate results when you deal with a real person. We file our quotes by name, not account number. You aren't a number to us.

We provide more than just products. Iron Horse provides a full array of on-site and remote network and security services including troubleshooting, consulting, installation, technical support, maintenance, and many more. Whether you need a lot of assistance with your computers or just a little, we can help! Contact us for details.

Get what you need. If you don't know exactly what you want, that's okay. That's why we're here. We have the experience and resources to help you find the products and services that best fit your needs. As a result, our product return rate is less than 0.2% per year. None of our sales consultants work on commission. Their objective is to make sure you end up happy.

What we promise, we deliver. Over 80% of our customer's orders arrive within two business days, without using express service. Over 95% arrive within two weeks, and this includes customized and backordered products.

We have a wide product selection. Iron Horse is an authorized reseller of more than 250,000 computer and network related items, including hardware, software, maintenance agreements and on-site services. If you want it, we've probably got it!

We know the government and educational markets.We are familiar with government rules and regulations which will make your procurements run smoother. We have special governmental and educational pricing agreements and contracts to better meet your needs. We offer thousands of products and services on GSA Schedule, if that's your contract preference. We also are a certified minority-owned, small and disadvantaged business.  (See a full list of GSA Vendors and Commercial Products on other pages of this web site)

We have real experience. We have been in business since 1990 and still work with many of our original customers. We will get you the right answers!

We can help you budget. If you don't have your wish list ready, you may not get what you want when the funds present themselves. We can get you prepared for that situation.

Flexible Payment Options are available. Iron Horse accepts most credit cards. Net terms and leases are also available to you.

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